World known mentalist and illusion artist Nimrod Harel represents a rare, provocative voice in the world of
mentalist and illusionist artists. He claims not to have special powers, and yet he takes you on a ride that
you will never forget.
In each episode, the format creates an innovative approach towards a specific subject using all aspects
of the world of mentalism: mind control, hypnosis, guided imagery and death-defying stunts. Harel possesses
the key to the secrets of the world of illusions and mind manipulation and now he is willing to unlock his treasure
chest of knowledge and make it accessible to you.
Over 200 mind boggling routines, ranging from small one on one acts to large studio and outdoor operations, involving
andom or celebrity participants, have all provoked the viewer's senses and defied natural order.
Now, these routines, which make up the bible of the series, can be customized to suit any talent to perform
on any television station anywhere, worldwide.
The Inconceivable completed four seasons on Israel's channel 10. 50 fast paced, cutting edge episodes aired
on primetime television including specials from Election Day broadcasts to a Las Vegas tour.
You think you've seen it all, think again!
Created and developed by / Nimrod Harel & Buzz Television.
Produced by / Buzz Television - a leading production company
that specializes in documentary, factual entertainment and drama.

High paced, thrilling show, targets the entire family, fully adaptable with a local talent
30-40 minutes per episode Aired on channel 10, Israel 4 seasons – 50 eps