It is a well-known fact that elections for local authorities expose us to unique, colorful characters and
nuances that can form the basis for a comic drama. For the first time, a renowned strategist firm lead by
a well-known political consultant famous for his ability to win campaign elections will place their office at
the disposal of one candidate to be chosen through a television program. The candidate will be one of ten
to come from different parts of the country. In each episode, the candidates will deal with a different
assignment connected to election campaigns. At the head of the judging panel will stand international
political consultants who are considered world leaders in their field. Together with the strategist they will
choose The Candidate that will win a year of strategic consultancy.
Original Format created and developed by / Shabi Zaraya
a critically acclaimed television creator, director and standup comedian.

About the creator:
Zaraya specializes in docu reality. His latest project "Living in La La Land",
is one of the most successful shows aired on YES satellite in the last few years.