The series follows the story of a secular Israeli family in which the father turns to religion and becomes
an ultra orthodox Jew. All members of the family do their best to preserve the family's unity although none of them
are willing to join the father on his new journey to religious life. The story follows the passionate and loving
relationship of the parents and is told through the mother's perspective. She is torn
between her love for her husband, who needs her support versus her love for the children who little by
little "lose" their father as he drastically changes his life. Reaching for Heaven is an honest and authentic portrayal
of a family facing a great crisis. The secular-religious struggle on the one hand and the attempt to hold the family and
marriage together on the other hand, form the main conflict in the series. Based on Ora Morag's
novel One Hundred New Apples.
Created by / Assaf Amir / Written by / Shlomo Mashiah
Directed by / Jacob Goldwasser, Roni Ninio
Produced by / Assaf Amir for Norma Productions.
Norma specializes in feature films, drama and documentaries,producing numerous award winning films,
among them "Fill The Void",that drew great attention at the 2012 Venice Film Festival.
Sold to eOne (Entertainment One) for adaptation in the US (Sundance Channel) and the UK.
Aired on Keshet, 2 seasons, 15 eps.
The series won an award for Best Drama at the Jerusalem International Film Festival,
and 2 Academy Awards, for Best Drama and Best Actress.