On the eve of Reuven and Yael's 35th anniversary, their three daughters find themselves back home again,
living under the same roof, just like when they were little girls. Roni who just separated from her husband
moves back to her parents' with her 7 year old daughter, Zohar. Aya, the prodigal musician, returns home
from New York for a surprise visit. They both join Hili, their younger sister, a med student who still hasn't
managed to leave the nest. While the girls hope to find some solace back home,  in order to regroup and take
control of their lives, an unexpected crisis breaks out. A family secret is unintentionally unveiled
(the fathers betrayal) and throws everyone into confusion. Things start rising up from beneath the carpet in a
house that slowly turns out to be very different than they all thought. "Castles in the Sky" 
is a psychological family drama that deals with the way the family nest and our role in the family have
affected who we are and the choices we make.
Created by / Merav Nahoum, Merav Zurel-Shaked and Nir Bergman
Written by / Merav Nahoum and Merav Zurel-Shaked
Directed by / Nir Bergman
Produced by / Assaf Amir for Norma Productions.
Norma specializes in feature films, drama and documentaries,producing numerous award winning films,
among them "Fill The Void",that drew great attention at the 2012 Venice Film Festival.

Optioned to Endemol in The Netherlands, Luxemburg and Belgium.
Aired on Channel 10, 13 eps (45min.).
The series was nominated for 7 Israeli Academy Awards.